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Seriously? We're going to save the planet by burning more coal to charge electric cars? I do not think it works that way, last I checked.

Same deal for this Ethanol BS.
Burning Ethanol is worse for the atmosphere than burning gasoline.Collapse )

LA Kings make the Stanley Cup Finals.

So despite the fiasco with the Coyotes at the end of the Western Conference Final game 5, the Kings are in fact in the Stanley Cup.

Which is way freakin cool. Awesome sauce. JWill has his second crack at the Cup since 2006.

Kings fans met their team at the airport after the game. 4000 of them, in fact.

Cool.Collapse )


Gottahava Wawa

Ok. So. "Wawa" is the Ojibwe word for Canadian Goose.

In my neck of the woods, Wawa is a freakin institution.Collapse )

Coach/"System" or Players?

Hold up while I trot out my favorite show pony...Collapse )
Systems only go so far. Players only go so far. Sometimes one person's personality is what makes it all work. Or not.

Kickass Chicken Meatball Soup

Working on perfecting this one, think I have it right now. As is, serves 8-10, including 4 teenage boys.

Recipe under the cutCollapse )

Peter Laviolette and Rod Brind'Amour

So as most people who know me will tell you, I'm a Justin Williams fan, so obviously I'm following the LA Kings atm as well as the 'Canes.

 I'm also following the Flyers, because I'm a Peter Laviolette fan. The man is an exceptional coach and he really did an amazing job of turning the Carolina Hurricanes into a family.

In my dreams, both my prodigals come home to my 'Canes and there's sunshine and lollipops and Stanley Cups. (And Rod Brind'Amour comes out of retirement, but that's a pipe dream.)

So Why The Hate?Collapse )

Bumper Stickers That Reflect A Low IQ

Seriously people. Why on earth would you (insert action here) naked?

I will admit these are usually on vehicles driven by guys and it's probably the whole 'mine's bigger' complex.
But SERIOUSLY...Collapse )

Oh boy, here we go again!

Weee! Kings fans hate Williams again already. That was quick.

Let's see, how's your team doing, fannits? Hmm. Wow. They're 3-5-0 in his absence. That's not so great, actually.

But he's not in the lineup, how can you blame him?Collapse )

Dearest L.A.Kings fans:

I know, you think getting Jeremy Roenick a few years ago was a total rip off, and I know you think he basically stole 5 million dollars from your team because he was completely useless.

Yeah, we got tired of him, too...Collapse )

17 Again. Or not.

So 17 Again has a great premise. 37 year old guy gets a shot at being 17 again. I mean, it's like Freaky Friday, but male. I'm not a Zac Efron fan, but I figured, hey, maybe he won't set my teeth on edge if he's NOT in High School Musical. Well, he didn't  set my teeth on edge, and he was halfway decent, at some points, even convincing, and I could never say that about Orlando Bloom.

Dear God. I think Zac Efron is growing on me.